Saturday, October 5, 2013

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  4. how exactly is showing these things promoting rape culture? do we just not show anything that is not puppies and flowers

  5. I would argue that the show, much in the ways you describe, depicts rape culture but does not contribute to it. The difference is in the subtle ways that David Lynch messes with the viewer's head and uses visual metaphor to show the frightening aspects of American industry and culture that lead to violence, not just against people but against nature. (A central theme in the show is the lumber industry.)

    I thought your essay was excellently thought out, but I disagree that a depiction of rape culture contributes to it.

  6. Great Work Chloe. You could now examine the third season in which ie a female agent is present in (how non-shocking) full objectified glory. She can speak and is "clever" (and I can't stretch how terribly obvious is the fact that the script plays that card simply in order to mock) but not enough to be involved in the visual as a person but as a mannequin strictly stylized for the male gaze.

    Twin Peaks is sad in the sense that it uses women as they all do in the society of the patriarchal spectacle. And as you have very well written:

    "When you get past the avant-garde filmmaking and the quirky dialogue, all that lies beneath David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is a prime example of the rape culture that mainstream media does well to reproduce."

    In Twin Peaks We are dehumanized in a very dreamlike fashion. Great Filmmaking for all the usual wrong reasons and all the usual visual degradation, thank you very much Mr Lynch.